We are excited about this incredible chair and we invite you to come in and take one for a “Test Drive”.  This chair promises the most comfortable, most relaxing, and most healthy sewing experience of your life, at a price that will surprise you!  The Heavenly Sewing Chair™ is available in three sizes including Petite, Premier, and Tall for people with long legs.  You will be delighted with the super comfortable cushions and the Schukra® Lumbar Support that allows you to adjust the exact amount of relaxing support you need for your spine.  This chair was designed for sewing posture and the back cushion tilts forward to gently cradle your back while you are leaning forward at your sewing machine.  Your Heavenly Sewing Chair™ will look great in your home when you choose from over 100 beautiful fabrics selected for their good looks and long-wearing durability.  The chairs are made in the USA and the quality is backed by an outstanding warranty including a lifetime warranty on the pneumatic height adjustment cylinder.  Come in today and design your own Heavenly chair.  It will be custom built and delivered to you in a little over a week.  Use this link Link to Heavely Seating Chairs to learn more about these wonderful chairs.